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Chico Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair & Fluid Service

 Tedious Repairs does a wide range of transmission & clutch repairs. We have seen countless problem with both automatic and manual transmission. From a simple transmission fluid & filter service, to a new unit we can take care off all of your transmission needs. Here is a list of some of the things we offer:

* Transmission Service

* Transmission Filter & Fluid

* Transmission Diagnosis

* Repair Transmission leaks

* Diagnose Transmission Codes

* Diagnose Transmission Noises

* Replace Valve Body

* Replace Shift Solenoids

* Install Transmission Cooler

* Transmission Flush

* Replace Clutch Kits

* Rebuild Manual Transmission

* Replace Synchros

* Replace Manual Transmission Bearings

* Replace Shift Forks

* Replace Shift Linkage

* Replace Axle Seals

* Replace Axles

* Replace Transfer Case

* Replace Rear Axle