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Chico Vehicle Maintenance 

 Vehicle Maintenance in Chico

We offer factory service recommendation via mileage and service lights. We can keep your vehicle up to par with the manufacturers service plan. We can also do a visual inspection and tell you where you vehicle is at, and what she needs. We offer auto repair with no pressure. We can find out what your vehicle most critical needs are and come up with a plan that is right for you.  We do a wide range of maintenance on all make and model vehicles.  Here is a list of some  the stuff we do:

* Cabin Filter

* Air Filter

* Spark plugs

* Coils or Wire Set

* Fuel Filter

* Tune-Up

* Oil Change

* A Service

* B Service

* Cap & Rotor

* Valve Adjustment

* Induction Cleaning

* Fuel treatment

* Tire Rotation & Balancing