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Chico Air Conditioner Repair

Chico A/C Repair

Our Mechanics here at Tedious Repairs fix all sorts of A/C related issues. From a simple recharge to a new A/C system. Here is a list of some of the things we do on your vehicles air conditioner :

* A/C Recharge (79.95 on sale ! on R134A)

* A/C compressor

* A/C lines

* A/C condenser​

* A/C kits

* Diagnosis of A/C

We have fixed countless air conditioner problems on vehicles of all makes and models. Text or email us to set up an appointment to get your car or truck air conditioner working proper again!

Chico Auto Repair on Heater

Here at Tedious Repairs we fix auto heater issues. We can diagnosis and solve heater related problems.  Here is a list of some of the heater repairs that we do :

* Heater core

* Heater Valves

* Heater controls

* Coolant leaks

* Leaks & Diagnosis